Husqvarna 440E Chainsaw Review And Buying Guide Updated

Whether you’re looking for felling some trees for firewood or you need to clean that extensive shrubbery in the backyard, there is no power tool that can be used for all these other than a chainsaw.

Because of its simple but highly efficient structure, chainsaws have been in extensive use for nearly a century. But if you want something strong with easy maneuverability mainly for personal use, then we’ve got a great option for you.

In this Husqvarna 440e review, we will explain to you all the great things you can expect from this item as well as those things to look out for. The 440e model comes with the most efficient operation with a utility combination that caters to all your specific needs.

Designed with the state of the art technology, the Husqvarna 440e consumes less fuel than most other competitors. This makes it the ‘go-to’ model for anyone looking for occasional use around the farm or ranch.

Husqvarna 440e Review

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When you face an unexpected tree-clearing need, Husqvarna comes to the rescue. Its 440e series has a 16-inch chainsaw with 40.9 cc engine displacement. The 2-cycles inertia activated engine also talks about safety before everything else.

Providing a perfect balance between home requirements and professional performance, the 440e has the likelihood of withstanding tough use for a long time. Its powerful engine with sharp chains provides enough power to cut right through sizeable tree trunks, limbs, and branches.

An important feature of this item is the quick release air filter that enables it to last longer. Its fuel-efficient engine also saves a lot of bucks throughout the years. The chainsaw is powerful, easily maneuverable, and handles almost all moderate jobs pretty well.

All in all, the product is an ideal option if you’re looking for something light, small, and easy to operate. In this article, we’re discussing some noteworthy features that make the Husqvarna a unique item. Have a look!

Size of the Machine

Power tools need a nice size that is comfortable for its operator to use, and the Husqvarna is simply just that. The tool comes with a 16-inch 2-cycle saw chain. However, you can fit a 13”, 15”, or 18” bar and chain in this model too.

Engine Capability

Husqvarna 440e is equipped with the X-torq technology that is very practical and effective. The engine was built with modern technology that reduces toxic fume production. This X-torq engine is also extremely fuel-efficient reducing a lot of additional cost throughout its usage over the years.

There is a 2.4 HP motor in the heart of the machine with 40.9 cc engine displacement. The power of this machine is such that it can reach a top cutting speed of 9,000 RPM. This is actually a lot considering the item is made for home and personal uses.

With this power, it can cut through almost anything you throw at it. Even cutting an 18” log under a minute is like a piece of cake for Husqvarna.

Designed for light to moderate types of jobs, this chainsaw uses a 2-stroke air-cooled engine. It will make an impressively easy job of anything without getting bogged down.


With a dimension of 37 x 9 x 11 inches, the Husqvarna 440e is neither not too light nor too heavy. In fact, it is pretty lightweight in terms of the compact size of the machine.

Its perfect weight balance and portability makes the user of this chainsaw fall in love with their job. If you need to work outside of your home or somewhere else, you can simply carry it around everywhere.

Additionally, the lightweight makes maneuvering it very easy. So, you can move it freely and make more precise cuts on your project.

Fuel Tank

The Husqvarna 440e provides the best power to weight ratio for a chainsaw. This means its fuel is a mixture of gas and oil in a ratio of 50:1. Although it seems like the fuel tank is a bit small at 0.78 US pints, it still can run the engine at full speed for over 2 hours. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

And in case you’re wondering about how much of the fuel is left in the tank, the handy little window attached to it helps out a lot.

Safety Features

Every Husqvarna 440E comes with an operator manual which should be read carefully. Besides, for a complete novice, it is imperative to attend at least one of the chainsaw handling courses. These courses are arranged many times across the country throughout the year.

  • Chain Brake
  • Now, there are few awesome safety features included in this saw keeping the user’s protection in mind. One of those features is the dual pole chain brake system. This system helps to avoid any potentially terrifying situation from occurring.

    For a chainsaw operator, the most dreadful situation is when there is a kickback. For those who don’t know yet, the kickback is the saw bouncing back at you rapidly when the upper quadrant of the bar tip encounters an unusual object.

     Suppose you are cutting through a nice log with the 440e like butter, and suddenly the blade hits a knot. If it had been any other substandard saw it would jump back

    at you. But the chain brake system here is specially designed to reduce such kickbacks.

    This chain brake is activated whenever there is a sudden change in inertia. So, whenever the system detects rapid movement of the blade, it actuates the brake instantly.

  • Right-Hand Guard
  • There is a guard at the place where you grip the chainsaw with your right hand. This has been shaped to protect your hands in case the chain breaks. Besides, it helps you keep a firm grip on the saw too.

  • Throttle Trigger Lockout
  • It prevents the throttle from being operated unintentionally.

  • Chain Catcher
  • While cutting wood or logs, sometimes there might come a situation when the chain jumps off the guide or even snap. The chain catcher in the clutch area helps to catch the chain in such scenario.

    User Friendly

    We must admit that the Husqvarna 440e chainsaw is much more user friendly than many other such power tools in the market. Each of its parts and features was also designed keeping the operator’s comfort in mind.

    For example, while working the saw, you can easily adjust the chain because of the side-mounted chain tensioning system. Try to do the same with other cheap and bigger chainsaws, you won’t find it that easy.

    Designed especially for non-professionals and even beginners, the Husqvarna is a tool anyone can use. It is not too big making the saw hard to handle and not too small that it becomes tough to cut bigger objects.

    Low Vibrations

    When you are using a saw for a limited time, the vibration doesn’t pose many problems. But when you are working more and more for extended time periods, continued exposure to heavy vibration could lead to some medical conditions.

    One of those conditions is the HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome) which results in symptoms like loss of feeling in the hands, numbness, or even changes in skin color.

    The excellent feature of this Husqvarna chainsaw is its Low-Vib design that reduces the vibration felt by the operator. The vibration dampener does this by effectively insulating the handle from the engine chassis. So, only some margin of the vibration is actually felt by the user.

    Air Filter System

    Another nice addition to the Husqvarna 440e is the centrifugal air intake system. It successfully catches a lot of debris while working and prevents debris from reaching the filter. This makes cleaning and replacing the air filter very easy.

    What We Like

    • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry
    • Operation is easy and comfortable enough
    • Designed for light and moderate works by non-professionals
    • Extremely fuel-efficient engine
    • X-torqfeature reduces toxic fume production
    • Tool-less chain tensioning allows easy tensioning and assembling
    • Low vibration for a more comfortable maneuvering
    • Extended motor life due to effective air injection and filtration system

    What We Don't Like

    • Not designed for large or heavy jobs
    • Engine gets heated after extended use

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does this model come with the chain?

    This model does come with an attached chain. Besides, you can attach chains of other sizes like 13”, 15” and 18” to the machine.

    • Can the Husqvarna 440e cut down a large tree?

    Well, this 440e model was actually constructed for light to moderate uses. This means cutting small trees or logs is fairly easy with this chainsaw. Besides, since the saw isn’t that big, it is not advisable to try to cut down a big tree with it.

    • Do I need to wear protective gear while using the saw?

    An operator of a chainsaw must wear all the necessary protective gears. Those gears include a decent set of air defenders, a safety helmet, chainsaw gloves or anti-vibration gloves, etc.

    • How can I tighten the chain of the chainsaw?

    Tightening the chain in this Husqvarna 440e is very easy. Just use the chain tensioner by spinning the tensioning screw after removing the clutch cover. You need to spin the screw clockwise. Then replace the clutch cover and engage the chain brake again. The chain will be tighter now.

    Final Verdict

    Husqvarna is a great chainsaw for working on small to medium-sized items. In this Husqvarna 440e review we’ve tried to show all the great features of this model that make it stand above the rest. Hope this item meets all your specific needs.

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