5 Best Table Saw for Beginners Review in 2021

As the modern table saws have implemented more safety measures, the options for beginners and novices have increased. And depending on how much of a beginner you are, the one you chose might not be right for you.

So, to find the best table saw for beginners like you, we have gone through and reviewed a variety of beginner-friendly table saws, ranging in different beginner levels.

But if you are still confused, our comprehensive guide is also here to help you out. It is better to do proper research and be totally sure before you spend hundreds of dollars as a novice. So, keep reading.

Benefits of Table Saw

A table saw is very versatile, so now you should know what makes it so useful for woodworking and other jobs. Notably, here are some of the major benefits of using a table saw:

  • Precise Cuts

A table saw gives you the result of a perfectly clean cut piece, for both chunks and rips. It is not possible to get such accuracy with a hand saw. A miter saw may give you the results, but you can’t do ripping with it.

  • Quick and Easy

It takes less than half the time to cut through even the largest of pieces by using the table saw. And with proper practice and use, the process becomes much easier with more accuracy.

  • More Possibility

Compared to others like a miter saw, you can do much more with a table saw, including cutting rabbets, dados, and tenons. This adds to its versatility.

  • Higher Speed

Since the blade comes directly attached to the motor used, it gains a lot of speed when running. This cuts through almost any material smoothly without interruption.

5 Best Table Saw for Beginners Review

These are some of the top table saws in the market made for beginners and novices. Read through the reviews to understand more about them!

Has a meter fencer with a flip flop stop feature for cutting multiple same length pieces. It has a blade guard with a lock, blade tilt, and other useful functions and features.

If you want no compromises on both the quality and performance, then this table saw does an excellent job at providing them both. With its construction and design, it will last you for a lifetime.

It comes with cast iron trunnions, which are heavy and durable, holding the machine strongly together in place. There is also the handwheels with a heavy casting, further adding to the machine's sturdiness.

Besides that, it comes with a miter fence that is perfect for cutting longer pieces. It is also much better than having only a miter gauge as it provides better support than that.

This miter fence has a flip flop stop, and you can use it when cutting multiple pieces of the same width. You can easily flip it to cut longer workpieces and flip it back to its previous state to adjust or make more intricate cuts.

Other than that, it also has a handy blade tilt feature. So, it allows you to make any angled cuts from the typical 0 to 45 degrees. This makes it great for cutting chamfers, compound miters, and bevels.

The blade tilt also has a lock so you can securely adjust and secure your desired angle in place. There is the blade guard as well, which allows you to see the blade during operation and also avoid kickbacks.

What We Like

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Comes with a miter fence for cutting both larger and smaller pieces
  • The blade tilt feature allows making angled cuts
  • Possible to lock the blade while tilted
  • Packs a blade guard

What We Don't Like

  • Instructions can be difficult to understand
  • May require aligning

Powered by a powerful motor and being the company's gold standard table saw, it checks a lot of the essential boxes like vibration reduction, ergonomic design, and blade longevity. The blade tilt works 60 degrees on both sides.

With an ergonomic handle design, blade guards on both sides, among others, it is the gold standard of table saws from their company and among the few in the industry.

It is also the company's first table saw that comes with a 115 volts power usage. This is perfect for running the one ¾ HP powerful motor the machine has. Along with that, it also has a poly-v belt drive system.

This, in addition to the powerful motor, does a brilliant job at reducing the vibrations caused when the machine is working. So, you are getting less noisy and more efficient work operation than others.

Besides, it ensures the longevity of the blade as well. The work surface is cast iron with precision-ground that features a beveling edge, which further helps in a smoother operation.

Moreover, it has a miter gauge, which allows the blade to tilt at an angle when doing intricate and angled cuttings. It actually tilts 60 degrees rather than the common 45 degrees maximum and on both left and right sides!

So, it opens the opportunity for even more intricate angled cuts than the average table saws. Plus, the 30 degrees Accu-Fence system provides a larger working space and safety to the operator.

What We Like

  • Reduces vibrations
  • Ensures the efficiency and longevity of the blade
  • Offers a blade tilt of 60 degrees on both sides
  • 30 degrees Accu-Fence system provides a larger working space
  • Sports an ergonomic handle design

What We Don't Like

  • Dust collector suction is not so powerful

It is great for beginners who are learning the simple tasks of using a table saw. Also, it is portable in size and has a variety of safety measures to keep the operator away from injuries.

If your job calls for doing on the spot adjustments, repairs, and quick fixing, then you need a compact size table saw. And luckily, this one from Dewalt is not only compact but also affordable in price.

It measures just about 22.7 inches in length, 22.7 inches in width, and 13 inches in height. Along with that, it weighs 46 pounds or 20.8 kilograms. This makes it possible to carry with you to the work area without trouble.

As a result, it is ideal for quick adjustment, repairs, and other construction works. It also comes with a rack and pinion with telescoping fence rails, which ensures a quick and accurate fence adjustment.

Other than that, it does a great job at ripping OSB sheets or any 4 x 8 plywood, thanks to its 24.5 inches rip capacity. It also has a handy onboard storage system so you can carry all the essential tools in one place.

Besides that, it uses a 15-amp motor with a 5800 RPM speed. So, there is no compromise on the performance as well.

Moreover, it has anti-kickback pawls, blade guards, and push stick, which provides good security and safety in operation. Additionally, the metal roll cage makes sure the machine has complete protection on the job site.

What We Like

  • Compact and portable in size
  • Ideal for quick adjustment, repairs, and other construction works
  • Comes with a handy onboard storage system
  • Offers a powerful 5800 RPM blade speed
  • Boasts multiple safety measures

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t come with a sawdust port
  • May show a few alignment issues

With an upgraded new Poly-V belt drive system, it provides the optimal and balanced transfer of power. Has a built-in large storage drawer and miter gauge storage. It ensures blade guard safety at 45-degree tilt.

From a leading company experienced in making such products for decades, it is understandable if your expectations are high on this one. And let us tell you that it will not end in disappointment.

First off, it has a riving knife with quick release, making the process more efficient with no kickbacks. Along with that also comes an integrated arbor lock for your safety when you are operating it.

Plus, thanks to the upgraded Poly-V belt drive system, you will be getting a smoother performance and operation that will leave you impressed. It helps in a balanced and optimal transfer of power and quick collection of dust and sawdust as well.

Moreover, the deeper table, along with the 26 inches in length x 30 inches width wings, provides you with more space to work on. This also gives you much better stability while working with larger pieces.

Furthermore, it has a large 12.5 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 4 inches in height built-in storage drawer to keep all your items necessary while working within your reach. There are a miter gauge storage and onboard fence as well.

Besides, it uses a unique leaf safety guard for the blades, which have an independent design. So, it will shield and protect the operator even when using the 45 degrees tilt angle.

What We Like

  • Helps in a balanced and optimal transfer of power
  • Offers a large cast-iron working space
  • Comes with a large built-in storage drawer
  • Blade safety guard provides protection even at a 45-degree tilt
  • Provides excellent performance and stability

What We Don't Like

  • Assembling the parts may take a lot of time

It implements a lot of safety features for the operator, including a shroud and a dust collecting blade guard that can collect 99% of the carcinogenic sawdust. The high-quality T-Glide Fence System provides stability and durability.

It is a known fact that table saws are quite dangerous to use, even for experienced professionals. And knowing how serious injuries can affect the person's life, we recommend this table saw that has a design with the safety of the user in mind.

The table saw comes with a professional 36 inches long T-Glide Fence System, which gives the operator better stability, space, and control while cutting. Its thick-gauge steel construction is of the highest quality, ensuring performance and durability.

Alongside that, the trunnion and the table have a true vertical elevation with no bumps or tilts. It is also a heavy-weight trunnion and has one of the thickest arbors within the 10 inch saw range.

To ensure the collection of the carcinogenic sawdust for the user's health safety, they are using a dust collecting blade guard and a shroud, which successfully collects 99% of the dust.

All of their features and construction go through hours of dedicated engineering to make sure nothing misses. You will only be getting a high-quality construction with this table saw.

Besides all that, you will also be getting a mobile base with professional integration. It has two 360 degrees rotatable wheels and a one-foot ergonomic operation, providing you with an excellent mobility option.

What We Like

  • Provides better stability, space, and control while cutting
  • Ensures a true vertical elevation with no bumps or tilts
  • Successfully collects 99% of sawdust
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comes with a mobility option

What We Don't Like

  • The fence may need aligning

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before you make your decision on purchasing one from our recommendation, make sure if these features apply to your needs and if it is also applicable for the one you chose.

  • Material

If you are going to be using it on your job site, then a weighty or heavy table saw is the last thing you need. And as the material used in its construction plays the biggest role in its weight, you need to check it out first.

Among the materials, for a light yet durable construction, aluminum is the best choice. It lessens the weight a lot compared to cast iron and steel.

  • Size

Similar to before, depending on where and how much you are generally going to use it, you need to consider its overall size. And for a job site profession, it is very important for a light and portable size that you won’t have much difficulty carrying.

On the other hand, if you will only be using it in your workshop, then you have plenty of options. And for that, a heavy-weight sturdy table saw might be ideal considering its stability.

  • Motor and Blade

One of the most important things you need to check before buying is the motor or blade power. The motor power affects the blade speed. So technically, the higher the motor amperage is, the more likely the blade will offer better speed.

If you are looking for a quick and small fix, then you won't require much blade speed. However, for larger workpieces, the better the blade speed, the easier it will be to operate and finish the job.

  • Safety Features

We cannot stretch enough how important safety features are in a table saw, and it is for every operator, whether it is your everyday job or not.

The blade guard is the obvious safety feature that every table saw has. It not only does a great job at making sure the blade doesn’t come in contact with your hand but also prevents sawdust from flying into the air.

Other than that, having a blade guard that rotates and follows with tilting is something you might want to look for if you use the feature more and do more angled cuts. Anti-kickback pawls are also very important if you would like to avoid sudden kickback accidents.

Moreover, there are other few important features that could drastically improve your experience.

  • Rack and Pinion

For a stable and even sawing experience, the rack and pinion design are very important. It makes sure the machine's fence system stays in place while you can move the board as needed. And so, there is no chance of any misalignment between the two.

  • Miter Gauge

While miter saws come with a miter gauge, they are not the same as table saws. So, having a miter gauge with the package of your table saw is great for measuring the length and area for an accurate cut.

But if you cut mostly larger pieces, then you need to get a bigger meter gauge, or else it will be useless.

  • Dust Ports

It is crucial to make sure your table saw comes with a dust port or, even better, if it is attachable to a vacuum cleaner. Sawdust has been proven to be carcinogenic, so those who use a table saw as a part of their job need to have a workable dust port with their machine.

  • Storage Space

A lot of table saws come with an additional storage cabinet or drawer. This can be very handy as you don’t need to carry any other boxes for your tools and other equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of material can be cut using the table saw?

Apart from wood, which is the most common material for table saws, people also use it to cut sheet brass, sheet aluminum, sheet plastic, etc.

2. How do you use a table saw safely?

There is a couple of important things you should make sure and remember when using a table saw:

  • Wear safety equipment, mostly a goggle and hearing protection piece. If wearing gloves, make sure it isn't loose, or else it can come in contact with the blade and cause injuries.
  • Don't wear loose or full-sleeve clothes; it is the same reason as the gloves. Also, avoid any hanging jewelry.
  • If it is a corded table saw, make sure the cord or the dust port vacuum, sawdust, etc., isn't in your way. It is easy to trip and get injured that way.
  • When changing the blades, remember to turn the power off and wait for the blade to come to a still before touching.
  • Hold the piece firmly you are cutting until it passes through the blade entirely; otherwise, you will be risking kickbacks.
  • It is very important to have a clear concept of everything you are doing when using a table saw. Any amount of doubt can lead to unwanted accidents, so avoid them if possible.

3. Do you really need a table saw?

A table saw is a versatile machine for cutting wood and other materials. And if you have little experience in handling one, then it is not bad to invest in getting one for yourself.

4. Does a table saw need a riving knife?

Yes, it is a useful part of the table saw that keeps the two pieces of the cut materials apart to avoid any dangerous kickbacks. Luckily, all the table saws made after 2009 requires that it comes with a riving knife.

5. How can I stop my table saw from kickbacks?

You don't have to worry about serious kickbacks for modern or newer models if it has a riving knife already installed. But if in case it doesn't, you can use a splitter in the back of the blade to avoid kickbacks. Also, make sure not to stand directly in front of the blade but at an angle.

Final Words

The best table saw for beginners is the correct way to start learning the process of operating such a dangerous machine. All of the ones on our list are perfect for the job, but it is up to you to decide which will be perfect for you.

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