Top 10 Best Circular Saw for Cutting Concrete Review with Buying Guide

If you have a bit familiar with construction works, you probably know by now that cutting concretes is a bit tough. But it certainly does not have to be challenging.

And whether you want to shape an existing piece of concrete or start a new project from scratch, you would require the best circular saw for cutting concrete that the market has to offer. Those are what make these cutting tasks a piece of cake.

Best Circular Saw for Cutting Concrete

And even though getting one of them might sound easy, in reality, because of how oversaturated the market is, it would be a bit difficult for you to get one for yourself. But you need not have to worry anymore because we will make things simple and straightforward for you.

10 Best Circular Saw for Cutting Concrete

As we mentioned, the overabundance of options in the market would make it impossible for you to get into a hardware store and check the performance of each device that they are offering.

For making things easier for you, we have gone ahead and tested all of them. And these are the ones that we believe are worthy of recommendation:

Features a maintenance-free electric motor and has the ability to make cuts that are up to 4 inches deep. There is a convenient lock mechanism. And the machine is easy to use.

For construction works, getting something that would require high maintenance would not be that much of an economically-friendly decision. And a perfect example of a saw that does not require that would be this one.

To start with, the motor that it comes with is 15 amps and is rated for hi-torque. Unlike the other engines that most of the power tools utilizes, this one is fully electric.

That means you would not have to spend money on petrol, nor will you have to worry about the fumes and clutters. And it does not require that much maintenance, which would make it easier for you to use it.

Alongside that, Evolution has factored in comfort and ergonomics when they are manufacturing this. The handles that the unit sports have soft-grip and are placed in three different convenient positions.

You will find one on the mid-position, one on the rear, and the last one on the front. Those will not only keep the machine stable during operation but also will allow you to get precise and accurate cuts.

And the blade that it bundles along is one of the diamond blades. It is 12 inches in diameter, and the maximum cutting depth is 4 inches, which makes it exceptionally versatile. You would be able to easily make cuts on reinforced, paved, and stone concreates.

Also, it packs an adequate amount of safety features too. It boats a safety guard mechanism that is fully adjustable. You will be able to lock the blade in place after inserting it in the slot in seconds. And there is a spindle lock mechanism that will enable you to change the cutter quickly and easily.

What We Like

  • Packs a high-torque 15 amp motor
  • Unit is fully electric
  • Requires low amount of maintenance
  • Has ergonomic handles
  • Maximum cutting depth is 4 inches

What We Don't Like

  • Blade can not retain its edge for an extended amount of time
  • Some of the units might ship with missing blades

The motor can make the blade spin to a staggering 3800 rounds in one minute. It features a quick-release clamp. The miter fence that it includes is adjustable to up to 45 degrees.

The brand PORTER-CABLE has been dominating the power tools market for a while now with its highly reliable and well-performing tools. And this one that we are going to talk about is not an exception in that regard.

Just like some of the other saws, this one also packs a highly powerful 15 amps motor. That can make the blade spin at a staggering rate of 3800 RPM. For that reason, it would not be that not that much of a challenging task for you to carry out most of the concrete cutting tasks.

Aside from that, the motor has replaceable brushes. That means you would be able to change them once they get worn out. In other words, the machine would not be entirely inoperable even if any damages do occur to the motor.

You will be able to get extended service out of it. And the spindle lock that it has will make it easier for you to change the blades.

Unlike some of the other devices, this one has a quick-release clamp on the body. It will enable you to remove the materials that you are working with quickly. You would not have to use any additional tools just to get the workpiece out of the body.

That clamp will also enable you to place the workpieces in the working area securely. It also has a spark deflector on the front.

In terms of accuracy, you are going to get the maximum amount of it because of the adjustable miter fence that it includes. That means getting precise angled tasks would be pretty effortless for you with this. Also, the base features a construction of heavy-duty steel that makes it exceptionally stable during operations.

What We Like

  • Can make the blade spin to up to 3800 RPM
  • Packs a motor that has replaceable brushes
  • Has a built-in spark deflector
  • Base is extremely stable
  • Sports a quick-release clamping mechanism

What We Don't Like

  • A bit underpowered for some heavy-duty cutting tasks
  • Not ideal for making square cuts

Packs a unique four-stage design that eliminates the need for any oil and fuel tanks. It sports a five-stage efficient filtration mechanism and has retractable aluminum wheels.

Another brand that is quite popular in the power tool market is Makita. And all of their products emphasize highly on durability and performance, which can be perfectly illustrated with this unit.

To begin with, it implements a four-stroke cutting design that makes it exceptionally efficient. That design eliminates the need for oil mixing, which will eventually lower the chances of engine failure for an improper mix of oils. Also, it does not require any fuel tank either, which will reduce the hassles that come with oils.

Aside from that, the motor that it features has a three-ring piston. That has a specially engineered design to reduce the build of carbon in intake and exhaust pipes. As a result, you can expect it to last for an extended amount of time without showing any signs of performance throttling.

And the filtration system that it packs has five-stage of paper-nylon. That will increase the overall reliability. And the cam gear that it sports will reduce the force required for pull-start to up to 40 %.

Alongside that, the blade that it bundles along with is 14 inches in diameter. It features a construction of heavy-duty materials, which will enable you to go through the toughest reinforced cocreates at ease.

Also, it operates by making a reasonably low amount of noise. You would not feel like you are using a tank while working with it.

Lastly, it has a vented choke plate that lowers the chances of flooding during cold starts. Also, there are built-in aluminum wheels that will reduce the possibilities of fatigue occurring during prolonged operations.

The wheels retract back to the place, which will prevent the chances of unexpected movement.  It has an ergonomic handle that is quite comfortable to hold onto as well.

What We Like

  • Features a unique four-stroke design
  • Comes with a five-stage filtration system
  • Engine does not require any fuel or oil tanks
  • Has a built-in cam gear
  • Sports retractable aluminum wheels

What We Don't Like

  • Trigger button is a bit stiff
  • Bit to start the engine for the power cut off mechanism that it has

Has a built-in water line that will cool off the blade during operation. It comes with a high-quality diamond blade that can make relatively deep cuts. And the cutter has an adjustable beveling mechanism.

There is a high chance that you might already have stumbled upon power tools that DEWALT offers. In fact, there is a high possibility of you owning one of them. However, if you do not have any idea about their tools, this one will provide you a good glimpse of how reliable and well-performing their offerings usually are.

To start with, it utilizes a premium 4-3/8 inches diamond blade that is constructed of the highest quality materials. The edges are exceptionally sharp and durable. For that reason, you would be able to make deep cuts pretty easily with this. And the maximum depth of cut that you will be able to make would be 3 centimeters.

Aside from the blade, the motor that it packs is quite powerful as well. It has a power rating of 10.8 amps, which will provide an adequate amount of power needed for most of the cutting tasks. You will be able to make cuts on both reinforced and regular concretes at ease with this.

It also implements a unique water delivery system that will make sure that the blade is cooled off during heavy-duty tasks. The water line is 13 feet long, and it will decrease the amount of dust that gets on the air while cutting concretes. Also, it will make sure that the blade does not get that easily damaged because of overheating.

Alongside that, there is a lock-on button that will lower the chances of your hands getting fatigued while operating it for a prolonged amount of time. Also, the blade has a leveling mechanism that can be adjusted to up to 45 degrees, which will enable you to make angled cuts easily.

What We Like

  • Sports a mighty 10.8 amps motor
  • Includes a high-quality diamond blade
  • Capable of making up to three centimeters deep cuts
  • Built-in water line that is 13 feet long
  • Blade bevels up to 45 degrees

What We Don't Like

  • Bit hard to guide the blade to make straight cuts
  • Power supply feels a bit cheap

It implements a worm drive gear design. And it comes with front pointers that are retractable. And it has a built-in GFCI protection mechanism along with a dust collector system.

Were you on the lookout for something that has a worm drive gears? Want something that has an adjustable plunge lock? Then you should definitely check what SKILLSAW is offering here.

First of all, the unit features a worm drive gear design. That design allows it to deliver a complete concrete cutting experience that is not common with the other devices.

And to add a cherry on the top, it has a built-in dust collector vacuum port that will collect all the dust that the concreates are going to throw out on the air. Your workspace would require less amount of cleaning.

Alongside that, the manufacturer did not skimp one bit on the safety factor. They have integrated the device with a GFCI protection circuit that will cut the power off if any of the parts start to malfunction. It will also lower the chances of short-circuits occurring, which will eventually extend the device's overall lifespan.

The unit also features fasteners and brackets that are constructed of high-quality materials. Those can resist rust and corrosion reasonably well.

That means even if your work area is a bit damp, you would not have to worry about the components catching rust or getting corroded over time. You would also be able to change the brush and install a water line for the multi-functional wrench.

 Other than that, it also sports a built-in adjustable plunge lock. There is a retractable front pointer that will guide the blade along the cut line. That means

once you get an appropriate angle, you would not have to worry that much about the cut line getting jagged or losing the angle.

And the blade that it includes is 7 inches in diameter, and it is made of durable and sturdy materials as well.

What We Like

  • Sports a worm drive geared design
  • Has an adjustable plunge lock
  • Comes with built-in front pointers that are retractable
  • There is a built-in dust collector vacuum
  • Features GFCI protection circuit

What We Don't Like

  • Maximum cutting depth is relatively low
  • Tends to overheat without the water line connected

Cordless and utilizes a highly powerful battery. It is capable of making 3-1/4 inches cuts. Sports an efficient brushless motor and has two individual water feeding line.

Reliability and performance are two of the things that make a saw worthy of recommendation. And this one that we are going to take a look at excels in both of the regards.

Unlike some of the available units in the market, this one sports a dual water line feeding mechanism. One of them is for circulating water, which will prevent the machine from overheating. And the other one makes sure that the amount of dispersed dust on the air is low by collecting all of the extracted dust.

Besides that, the unit features a guiding system. You can adjust that mechanism to five different positions. That means it would be pretty easy for you to get angled cuts using this.

And the motor that it features is one of those brushless kinds. It is both powerful and exceptionally efficient. That means no matter how demanding the cutting task is, you will be able to finish it in a short amount of time.

It also has a heavy load indicator that will glow up to offer you feedback on the internal components during demanding tasks. As a result, the chances of the parts getting damaged would be pretty low. You would also be able to work inside tight spaces because of the adjustable guiding mechanism that it features.

As the unit is totally cordless and utilizes battery power, you would not have to worry about short power cords with this. Also, the cordless design eliminates the need for gas.

And the battery is capable of making the motor turn at a staggering 6600 RPM. Also, the unit's maximum cutting depth is 3-1/4 inches, which is up to par with the rest of the high-end saws that are out there.

What We Like

  • Cordless yet powerful
  • Has the ability to make 3-1/4 inches cuts
  • Features a highly efficient brushless motor
  • Heavy load indicator
  • Sports a dual water feeding mechanism

What We Don't Like

  • Capacity of the battery is reasonably low
  • Utilizes a proprietary blade

Utilizes a smart belt tensioning mechanism that will lower the chances of over and under-tensioning. It packs an industry-leading filtration system and has a highly efficient motor.

Worried that the concrete you are going to work with will get ruined for either over or over-tensioning blades. Well, you can stay utterly worry-free about that regard if you get this unit from Husqvarna.

Let us talk about the most highlighting feature that makes this stand out the most: the belt tensioning mechanism. It has a smart tensioning system that will enable it to adjust the tensioning of the belt automatically.

That mechanism will minimize the chances of over tensioning and under-tensioning, which will ensure that your concrete does not get damaged during the cutting process.

Alongside that, the overall footprint of the unit is reasonably compact. For that reason, it would not be that hard for you to carry out cutting tasks in tight and hard to reach places. Also, the device is comparatively lightweight too, which will make it easier for you to operate it.

Other than that, it includes a reasonably large blade, which makes it achieve a maximum cutting depth of 5 inches. That depth is higher than what most of the other units have to offer, which means you would be able to work with thick and dense workpieces.

It also has an efficient filter that will filter out the air around you. There would be less amount of dust around your workplace.

The motor that it packs is relatively efficient too. It consumes a comparatively less amount of power. Also, it does not vibrate that much during operations.

That means you are going to get the maximum amount of control for making precise and accurate cuts. It also bundles along with a poly-v belt that is exceptionally sturdy. That makes the overall package maintenance-free.

What We Like

  • Boasts a smart tensioning mechanism
  • Light and compact in size
  • Features a sturdy poly-v belt
  • Efficient filtration system
  • Efficient motor and generates very low vibration

What We Don't Like

  • Some of the packages do not include the blade
  • Blade feels a bit flimsy

Includes a walk-behind that makes the operational procedure easy. The handle can be folded and adjusted. It features a construction of rust and corrosion-resistant materials.

Were you looking for a worm drive saw but were not really fond of the working procedure that they have? Well, SKILLSAW has got something to offer that you will really find worth investing in.

Unlike the other worm drive saws out there, this one comes with a handle that will enable you to implement a walk-behind operational method. As a result, you would not have to get down to the ground just to get cuts on your workpieces.

In other words, it provides the complete worm drive cutting experience without the hassles of the working procedure.

Aside from that, the handle is completely adjustable. You will be able to fold it down and extend it to the height of your preference. That foldable design will make it easier for you to store and transport the unit around.

Also, the two-finger trigger design that it implements will lower the chances of fatigue occurring during prolonged operations.

Other than that, it has a wet and dry dust management system. It will lower the amount of dispersed dust in the air, which will eventually allow you to get clean and accurate cuts.

Also, the water delivery mechanism that it has will lower the possibility of the blade getting damaged because of over heating. Also, the motor that it sports is dual-field, which can provide a considerably high amount of power.

On that note, the overall construction is of high-quality die-cast aluminum. That material makes it exceptionally durable. Alongside that, the material keeps the overall weight of the unit low, which will make it easier for you to operate it. The brackets that it comes along with can also resist rust and corrosions reasonably well.

What We Like

  • Comes with a walk-behind handle
  • Handle is adjustable
  • Can be easily stored and transported
  • Features an overall construction of durable materials
  • Resists rust and corrosion reasonably well

What We Don't Like

  • Motor tends to get hot pretty easily
  • Included blade loses its edge pretty quickly

Features a unique design for the spindle that will make blade changing tasks a breeze. Sports different protection circuits, which are going to ensure a long lifespan. And it has an ergonomic handle.

You would generally find yourself changing the blade, which can be a bit tedious if the spindle is not that easy to work with. Well, Husqvarna has thought of that, and they have implemented a unique design in this unit that they are offering.

To start with, it features a quick-locking spindle that will enable you to lock the blades with just one flick of a switch. The locking mechanism will also make it easier for you to detach the cutters from the device.

Also, the outlet port that the spindle has is relatively large, making it easier for you to install large-sized blades on it.

Alongside that, as the unit is fully electric, you would not have to worry about the fuel and gas charges. It also has a cut-off protection mechanism that is going to protect the internal components from getting damaged.

There is an overload indicator that is going to light up when the rotation speed is over the normal rate. This will ensure that the chances of accidents occurring are low.

Other than that, it also features a soft start mode that will enable you to cut delicate concretes without causing any damages to them. Also, the handle that it has on the body is quite large and has a contoured design.

You will get a firm grasp over it and will be able to get full control over the machine during operations. Accuracy and precision are something that you would get max from this.

And it is capable of making cuts that are up to 5 inches deep. That means you would be able to work the hardest workpieces without any issues at all.

What We Like

  • Can accommodate large-sized blades
  • Has a soft start mode
  • Has a soft start mode
  • Sports built-in protections
  • Does not include any blade with the package

What We Don't Like

  • Does not include any blade with the package
  • Packs a bit underpowered motor

Has a lightweight and compact body. It comes boasting a powerful 2800 watts motor. Features a built-in dust extractor port and a water feeding line that will keep the dust away.

If you were looking for a cutting saw that has a compact and lightweight body but does not lack one bit in power, then you can stop your search right here because XtremepowerUS has got the thing that you were looking for all this time.

First of all, the overall footprint of the device is pretty compact. Also, it is comparatively lighter than most of the other units out there. And even though it is small in size, the power that it can provide is up to par.

It packs a 2800 watts motor that can make the blade spin to up to 4300 RPM. That means carrying out most of the cutting task is going to feel like a walk in the park for you.

The vibration during operation is relatively low too. That means it would be less straining to your hands, and you would be able to achieve maximum productivity while using this.

Also, the trigger that it comes with features double protection. That will make sure that it does not get accidentally powered on. You would not have to worry about safety that much.

Apart from that, it has a built-in water feeding line that will keep the blade cool during heavy loads. Alongside that, it will make sure that the amount of dispersed dust in the air is low.

It also has an extraction port for the dust that will make it easier for you to keep your workplace clean. You would also be able to get clean cuts on your workpieces because of that.

Lastly, the housing of the unit is made of durable stainless steel. That is what makes it achieve the lightweight nature that we talked about earlier.

What We Like

  • Comes with a high speed and powerful motor
  • Built-in dust extractor port
  • Form factor is compact and lightweight
  • Features a stainless steel construction for the housing
  • Sports a built-in water feeder line

What We Don't Like

  • Circuit breaker malfunctions sometimes
  • Comes with a fairly cheaply made blade

Things to Consider Before Buying

Power tools are something that you should not skimp one bit on. And considering that, if you really want to get a cutting saw that does not only provide decent performance and worth every penny that you would have to spend on them, you should keep these factors into your consideration:

Types of Motor

Just like any other power tool, the brain and the heart of these devices is the motor. For that reason, you should keep this component at the top of your priority list.

Usually, manufacturers are going to utilize two different types of motor.

  • Brushless
  • The first one is brushless, which does not have any brush inside. As a result, they tend to be more efficient and tend not to overheat that much. These also have the highest efficiency regarding power consumption.

  • Brushed
  • And the other type that is out there is the regular brushed motor. The efficiency will depend on the model of the motor. While some will have higher efficiency, many will have a low amount of efficiency. Aside from that, these tend to overheat pretty easily too.


    Apart from the type, you need to put the power of the motor into consideration. Cutting slabs is a demanding task that requires high powered motors.

    And if you happen to get something that is a bit underpowered, it would be quite difficult for you to cut most of the slabs, which would destroy the purpose of having one of these in the first place.

    Considering that, you should go for the units that come with a powerful motor. What you need to be on the lookout for is the amps or the watts. The higher those numbers will be, the more powerful the unit is going to be.

    Also, the powerful units can usually make the blade spin at a fast rate, which will enable you to complete most of the cutting tasks in a short amount of time.

    The Blade

    Even though most of the units are going to include a blade, there are some that will not come with one. So if you do not want to spend extra money after spending money on the tools, you should opt for the ones that do include a blade in the box.

    Aside from that, you should ensure that the cutter that the package contains is made of high-quality materials, or else you might have to replace it pretty soon.

    Spindle Mechanism

    Aside from the blade, you should also keep the spindle mechanism into consideration. Not all of the workpieces that you are going to work with will have the same density.

    And for that reason, you would have to change the blade quite frequently. Without a proper and easy-to-operate spindle mechanism, the task of changing the cutter can get a bit tedious.

    Maximum Cutting Depth

    The maximum cutting depth of the tools is going to rely on the motor and the blade. In this case, the higher the power of the motor and the larger the blade, the deeper the cuts will be.

    And you would want to get one of the units that are capable of making deeper cuts if you plan to work with dense workpieces.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are circular saws capable of cutting other materials than concrete?

    Yes, these devices are capable of cutting a lot of different kinds of materials. With the appropriate blade, you would be able to cut through metal, ceramic, stone, masonry, and even woods. Many even use these for cutting tiles as well.

    2. Will I be able to get angled cuts using circular saws easily?

    It depends. If the unit you have has an angled miter, it would be pretty easy for you to make angled cuts. On the other hand, if your device does not have an angled miter nor does not have an adjustable angle mechanism for the blade, you would have to make angled cuts manually, which requires a bit of skill.

    3. How deep of a cut can I make using the circular saw?

    As we have mentioned, the maximum depth of the cuts is going to depend on two factors. One of them is the power of the motor, and the other one is the length of the blade. There are plenty of units that are capable of cutting as deep as five inches. But those have both a powerful motor and a lengthy blade.

    4. What should I do to prevent the blade from overheating?

    Most of the devices will have a built-in water feeder. Make sure that it is connected to a water source. The flow of the water is what is going to keep the blade cool during operation. And if your unit does not have such a feeder, you can make yourself a DIY water feeder using hoses.

    5. What blades are better at cutting concreates?

    The blades that perform better at cutting tasks are the diamond blades. They have sharp edges and features durable overall construction. As a result, cutting concretes with them would feel like carrying out an effortless task.

    Final Words

    Hopefully, you were able to make a pick from the saws that we have included in our best circular saw for cutting concrete review section.

    And we would like to ensure that you that, no matter which one you choose, you are going to make the right purchase decision because we have considered all of the essential factors while choosing them.

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