About Us

The Right Tools Make Every Job Fun

Whether you are an experienced professional or a simple homeowner, you would need the right set of tools for many reasons. From fixing damaged hose retractor to prepare any furniture, everyone needs several tools at their disposal.

We aim to bring the best tools for you to make your home renovation, fixing, workshop engineering, construction site-building, and DIY works easy and fun. We provide the latest and most detailed information on the tools, including their review, buyer guide, and application method. You will never lag behind the updated technology for repairing, fixing, renovation, workshops, and whatnot!

Our team comprises a set of individual professionals and experts from different industries, including woodworking, plumbing, landscaping, etc., to help you in the best possible way.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple.

We want to make your home maintenance and workshop experience as hassle-free as possible. We extend our helping hands for Do-it-yourselfers homeowners, hobbyists, contractors, mechanics, and weekend challengers in stocking their toolbox with the best tools available in the market.

Here, you can expect to get the BEST ONLY. We don't go for mediocre products only to enhance the word count on our website. We don't run for the highest analytic ranks in Google. Our only purpose is to make workers' life easy, fun, and enjoyable with the BEST TOOLs review, user guidance, and maintenance information.

Our Team

Hello, my name is James G. Rockey. and I am the leader of our team. I started my woodworking career way back in 2010, following the great recession when I lost my job. Initially, I could hardly manage the right information to purchase the tool I needed.

With experience, I have overcome the tough satiation, and now, I know which tools to get for what type of jobs. Hence, I wanted to help thousands like me around the globe. Luckily, I have several friends with great skill and enthusiasm in plumbing, woodworking, landscaping, construction sites, etc.

When I told them about my idea of establishing one of a kind Tool Review and User Guideline site, they agreed happily.

So, here we are, a team of skillful, enthusiastic, and helpful workers. All of us work in independent sectors. But we continuously discuss our expertise and problems we face during jobs. Consequently, we decide what to publish for our respected readers.

Thus, our team comprises of some brilliant professionals who are willing to help you in the best possible way to make your DIY, hobby, home maintenance, and workshop life better with the BEST TOOLS.

How Do We Work?

Complexity brings chaos. So, we keep our working process simple and straightforward. At times we are a bit lazy and work slowly. But even during our laziness, we test various tools and exchange views on different practical problems to give the readers the best solution.

Our Skill and Knowledge:

We trust our instincts and conscious of selecting the right tools for you, from beginners to experts. Our handyman and handywoman have years of experience in their fields. So, they have excellent skills to work with multiple tools over their long career.

Hence, it is needless to mention that we bring together our knowledge and expertise to review the tools for you. We believe that our team is highly qualified to review the advanced products that would stand out in the competitive market.

User Recommendation and Reviews

We storm through the internet, including Quora, Reddit, YouTube, and most importantly, Amazon, and aggregate the users' accurate reviews. We then analyze these reviews and, if possible, talk with users around us on these products.

We also analyze other tool reviewer sites to get a true idea about what other experts say on particular products. This way, we bring the best and detailed reviews and aggregate them to suggest the products with the ins and outs.

Brand Value

Brand value plays a crucial factor in the tools market. That's why we always thoroughly check the products and related brands to bring one of a kind review for you. It helps us quickly sort out the highest BBB ratings for the products. 

Therefore, our importance remains equally on both the product and brand to ensure that you don't get an overhyped product from a newbie or popular company. 

What You Would Get From Us

So, you have read and come through the above section. Thanks a ton for your kind patience. Now, you might ask, 'What do you offer to your readers?' In short, we offer every possible review, suggestions, and instructions on the tools essential for fixing, maintenance, construction sites, and workshops.

Now, let us illustrate it a bit more.

  • We review the top-quality, easy to use, and best tools out in the market.
  • We bring practical user experience on how different tools performed in our testing.
  • You will get detailed user instructions on various tools to make your life hassle-free.
  • We also bring common and innovative uses of different tools for every user.
  • From beginners to experts, we bring the most-waited product suggestion for all.
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